Is It More Painful to Get Braces as an Adult?

As adults, we hear all the time how kids heal faster, recover easier, and are all-around more resilient than us grown-ups. So when it comes to getting braces, naturally we assume it would have been way easier to have done it as a kid. It’s not entirely true.
Granted, our adult teeth are permanent. Our bodies have drawn the line in the sand in terms of bone development, and the thought of straightening our permanent, grown-up teeth is daunting. But our bodies are a marvel of science, too. They adapt. They adjust. They can be manipulated, including the alignment of our teeth.
Whether you’re a kid or an adult, braces will make you feel tender at first, but it won’t last. At worst, you’ll have some soreness in your teeth, and chewing may be a challenge for a few days after each treatment. But it subsides. The braces are working to craft your new beautiful, healthy smile, and just like after a routine cleaning, your mouth is reacting to the change.
Braces have come a long way since the heavy metal wires of our childhoods. Traditional braces are now made from a lighter material, creating a far more gradual and comfortable realignment. Depending on the type of treatment you require, there are other types of braces available, each with its own unique experience. In addition AcceleDent is also a great option which offers faster treatment and less discomfort from tooth movement.
Our adult patients tell us that this small amount of discomfort is worth it for the health and smile improvements in the end. Crowded teeth and misaligned bites can lead to tooth decay, gum disease, headaches, earaches, and other more severe situations.
By maintaining a healthy mouth, you are contributing to your overall physical and mental health. And you’re worth it, don’t you think?
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