Simply Orthodontics prides itself on providing patient-centered care in a welcoming small practice setting, with a focus on whole wellness and environmental responsibility.


Why Choose Us?


We are committed to doing things differently.  Our practice is not just about braces, or even teeth for that matter.  It’s not about numbers and getting patients through.  It’s about building strong relationships with our patient families, understanding their unique needs, and striving to exceed their expectations on all levels. Our mission is to offer you the level of customer service you deserve and to work with you to help you meet your distinct goals. 

We offer a full range of orthodontic treatment options for children,  youth and adults.  Tell us what's important to you and we will work to design your treatment plan and options to meet your unique needs and values. 

Many braces choices, including Invisalign Clear Aligners, Empower Clear Braces, Active Self-Ligating Braces, Damon Braces (Passive Self-Ligating), along with iTero Digital Impressions, Fully Digital Workflow, Low-radiation Digital Xrays, all within our Earth-Friendly Practice, with a Wellness Focus.

We love to see you smile!

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Used 20 minutes each day for quicker, more comfortable treatment.

We have been very fortunate to treat so many awesome patients over the years — but we have also heard No thanks more often that we would have expected. To help us better understand patient apprehensions, we have been diligently asking these potential-patients what caused them to decide against treatment, most of them share a common reluctance.

Our team offers patients more options than ever before, removing the most common hurdle to treatment. read more

Children should see an orthodontist from age 7.

Early orthodontic screenings are essential risk management for a growing child.  If early treatment is not considered, a 7-year old child with an underbite will grow into an adult with the same bite pattern, bringing with it challenges such as accelerated tooth wear, bite and TMJ discomfort, aesthetic concerns, and more. In appropriate patients, early intervention can quickly produce the desired outcome, whereas an adult would have to consider more complex and lengthy procedures to achieve full correction.

See how an early screening would benefit your child and provide peace of mind for you.

Digital Intra-Oral scan to make a 3D model of your mouth

Digital Intra-Oral scan to make a 3D model of your mouth

An early step in your orthodontic journey is to build a model of your teeth so Dr. Duncan can accurately study your bite and plan your treatment. This is traditionally accomplished by biting into a mouthful of dental impression material. Simply Orthodontics offers Digital Impressions as an alternative option to traditional impressions. Preparing a Digital Impression is comfortable for you, and it results in a highly accurate model of your teeth, and may allow us to show you a simulation of your potential result before you start your treatment. read more

See Dr. Marguerite Duncan and Dr. Cecilia Ponce in Edmonton at 10150-150 Street or call 780-756-7600