Alternative to Traditional Dental Impressions

An early step in your orthodontic journey is to build a model of your teeth so the orthodontist can accurately study your bite and plan your treatment. This is traditionally accomplished by biting into a mouthful of dental impression material. Simply Orthodontics offers Digital Impressions as an alternative option to traditional impressions. Preparing a Digital Impression is comfortable for you, and it results in a highly accurate model of your teeth, and may allow us to show you a simulation of your potential result before you start your treatment. 

The Traditional Way

Traditional Impression - uncomfortable for many patients.

Traditional Impression - uncomfortable for many patients.

Before digital dental impressions, models of patients mouths were prepared by having the patient bite into a tray filled with dental impression material; similar to the fluoride trays used at your dentist's office (but much bigger and filled with a material of similar consistency to cookie dough). The material is taken out after a few minutes of biting onto the tray; after getting a successful impression, that impression was then used to create a clay model of your mouth.


Out With the Goo... In with the New!

Intra-Oral Scanner: an alternative option of modeling your teeth.

Intra-Oral Scanner: an alternative option of modeling your teeth.

Since 2013, Simply Ortho has used a radiation-free Intra Oral Digital Scanner, a small in-mouth camera which takes 3D pictures of your teeth, then assembles those pictures to create a 3D model. The resulting model is used by Dr. Duncan to accurately measure and study your tooth positions and bite relationship so she may design your individual treatment plan. This collection of images may also be printed with a 3D printer, creating a plastic model of your teeth to create Invisalign® aligners; retainers and space maintainers; expanders; and other custom orthodontic appliances. 

Comfortable, Quick, Eco-Friendly!

At Simply Orthodontics you have the option for a digital impression rather than a traditional impression, offering the following benefits:

  • Avoid initial traditional impressions, avoiding the old goopy/gaggy process which some children and adults may stress over;
  • Fewer appointments, as only one impression is typically required for multiple uses:
    • The impression used for our diagnostics can often also be used to design and build your Invisalign trays or other appliances;
    • The 3D printed models do not break and do not distort as old models did.
  • Less risk of impression distortion can lead to better fitting orthodontic appliances;
  • Less waste as no impression materials are used, reduced storage and shipping burdens, and minimal clean up;
  • Virtual set-ups allow you to see your treatment outcome before proceeding with treatment;
  • An overall comfortable and convenient process.

Digital impressions are comfortable and accurate, and our patients are loving them! The technology is impressive - a progressive step forward for orthodontic dentistry. This is part of our ongoing commitment to offer our patients a progressive, wellness-based and patient-centered orthodontic treatment experience.