Will AcceleDent Help Achieve My Results Sooner?

AcceleDent is used 20 minutes each day. 

AcceleDent is used 20 minutes each day. 

We are helping our patients safely accelerate their orthodontic treatment progress by offering AcceleDent Optima, an option which helps to be done their treatment sooner, and to reduce treatment discomfort. 

The AcceleDent Optima addresses the challenge of long-treatment times and patient burn-out. It is a tool that allows our office to continue to strive to meet the unique demands of our patients.

Less Time in Braces?

As an orthodontist, seeing treatment results and hearing stories of my patient's satisfaction gives me the greatest fulfilment in my work.  Unfortunately, in some cases, treatment time can seem to drag on for orthodontic patients.  The initial excitement that they feel as their smiles transform from crowded to aligned can fade away as I work to reach the final details of an excellent aesthetic and functional outcome.

AcceleDent is a tool that helps address the challenge of long treatment times and patient burn-out. It allows our office to continue to strive to meet the unique demands of our patients!

More Comfortable Treatment?

By helping to reduce the resistance to tooth movement, your treatment can progress more easily, and comfortably. Also, regular use can reduce the risk of negative outcomes that could occur with extended orthodontic treatment.

AcceleDent Optima is an FDA-approved class II medical device clinically proven to move teeth up to 50% faster.

20 minutes a day with this easy-to-use, hands-free device could have a very positive impact on your orthodontic experience.

Suitable to use with most Braces and Aligners

Our patients take advantage of the many orthodontic treatment options offered. The accelerator can be combined with almost all treatment options, including Invisalign aligners, as well as clear and regular braces. This cutting edge technology is available to almost everyone getting treatment in our office.

What Is It Doing? How Does it Work?

Working on the basic biological mechanism of tooth movement, AcceleDent produces micro-pulses which improve blood flow to the bone surrounding your teeth – this same principle has been employed in medical orthopedics for years to heal bone.  The increased blood flow is thought to allow your body to more easily remodel the bone surrounding your teeth, via its normal cellular mechanism.  The end result?  Less resistance to tooth movement and easier, faster and more comfortable treatment results. It’s non-invasive as well as easier, and cost-effective.  There are also other surgical options which can accelerate orthodontic treatment, however these tend to be less accepted by patients due to costs and recovery considerations.  

Adding AcceleDent Optima to your orthodontic treatment improves the rate and efficiency in which we can help you meet your goals, and will not change the orthodontic treatment approach. Contact our office if you would like to learn more.