Top reason patients avoid Orthodontic treatment?

We have been very fortunate to treat so many awesome patients over the years — but we have also heard “No thanks” more often that we would have expected. To help us better understand patient apprehensions, we have been diligently asking these potential-patients what caused them to decide against treatment, most of them share a common reluctance.

What is the most common reason that patients do not pursue Orthodontic treatment?


The number #1 reason is affordability. While it won’t come as a surprise that money is a big consideration, it is not total cost of the treatment that causes patients to reconsider. What most often gets in the way with a patient’s smile transformation is an issue of affordability — the monthly cost.

Orthodontic patients understand the value in paying for a premium smile outcome from an Orthodontic Specialist. Although that premium outcome at times brings a slightly higher price tag, it is particularly important to ensure affordable monthly rates.

Total treatment fee is not the problem — what most often gets in the way is an issue of affordability, the monthly cost.

Make It Affordable

To remove this common hurdle to treatment, Simply Orthodontics offers many affordability options:

Flexible Payments

  • Low down-payments — start braces with as little as $500; in some situations patients have started with $0 down.

  • Extended payments, 0% interest — offering repayment terms beyond the treatment time quickly reduces monthly payments; these are all no-interest.

  • Irregular payment schedules - many of our patients are business owners with irregular revenue, be it from farming income, or business owners with a few large corporate clients, or others with inconsistent payment schedules; we work to align payment timing with your income.

Direct Billing of Insurance

By charging your insurance company directly, we eliminate that portion entirely, you avoid a large portion of the expense. In many cases insurance coverage can cut your monthly fee in half. Let us know your insurance company details when you call, our team can confirm coverage before your appointment.

Government Programs

Our office welcomes patients with ADSC, NIHB, and other government coverage; we coordinate directly with those programs as required for treatment approvals and associated follow-up.


Smiles Transformed

We love the huge boost in confidence so many people reveal with their new smiles, their change in perspective and approach to their world, smiling more than ever before. We do everything we can to make financial arrangements work for our patients and their families. Schedule an initial consultation to learn more about financial flexibility and treatment options.

Low-income Support (Under 14 Years Old)

Even with all the options above, there may be unique situations where treatment is out of reach; for those in that situation, we encourage you to submit your application for support to the Smiles 4 Canada program. Smiles 4 Canada selects where each successful applicant receives treatment — you might be paired up with our team.

With more flexibility than ever, orthodontic treatment has become more accessible than ever before.