5 Funny Comebacks for People Who Wear Braces

You’ve heard it all: Train Tracks, Brace Face, Metal Mouth. It gets old, yet those who call people one of these names seem to think they brilliantly came up with it themselves and it’s the most hilarious thing they’ve ever spouted.
Braces have been around for quite some time, and I’m sure THERE WAS some 18th century brat RUNNING around shouting “thy teeth has't metal wires, what sayeth thee?” Luckily today we have some modern comebacks for you.
The key is to remain composed, hold your head high, and reply with something that makes them think twice about what they said.

5 Comebacks:

  1. At least I don’t have a giant green thing stuck in my teeth. [look at them weird]
  2. Haters gonna hate, but my teeth are gonna be great!
  3. Why did the deer need braces? Because he had buck teeth!
  4. I've been known to pick up radio stations in these. If you lean in close enough you can hear it, too.
  5. These things are going to be off by Prom and you're going to wish you'd done it, too!

And remember: you’re beautiful and you have a brilliant smile!