Can I Still Play Sports with Braces?

You’ve made the decision to straighten out your smile and now you’ve got braces and you’re wondering “can I still play sports?” The answer is simple: OF COURSE YOU CAN! Playing sports with braces is no problem at all. You’ll just need to take one simple, yet very important precaution: you’ll need a mouth guard. But not just any old mouth guard...

An orthodontic mouth guard is your best bet for ensuring that your teeth and mouth stay protected despite any sort of accidental contact that might occur during the big game. So what’s so special about an orthodontic mouth guard? Orthodontic mouth guards are designed to cushion your lips to keep them from bumping up against your braces. They are also built to be slightly larger than regular mouth guards to allow for extra room for the braces to fit comfortably and for the teeth to continue to move into their desired positions.

Any time you’re engaged in an activity where your face can come in contact with something hard such as another player, a ball, the pavement, or any hard object, you should be wearing your mouth guard. Many oral injuries can be far less severe or even prevented altogether by the simple act of wearing your mouth guard.

A mouth guard is a smart investment. Just by wearing a mouth guard, you reduce the risk of knocking out teeth or breaking your jaw in the event of a facial impact injury. 

You are a leader – choosing to wear a mouth guard sets a great example for your teammates! Protection of your teeth and jaw is important during sports, and a mouth guard should be part of regular protective gear, even in sports like soccer when mouth guards are rarely worn. 

Good to know:

  • The custom mouth-guard’s fit will change over time due to changes related to growth, orthodontic tooth movement, and/or general wear and tear. 
  • Keep your mouth guard in its case whenever it is not in your mouth. Keep it away from pets
  • Rinse your mouth guard after each use
  • Do not subject your mouth guard to heat 
  • Clean your mouth guard by brushing it with toothbrush/paste and cool water. Rinse well and store in case after cleaning.

Talk to your orthodontist about options that will best work with your orthodontic treatment. Your mouth guard can even be customized by colour to make it fun!!