5 Funny Braces Stories

We have probably all known someone who’s had braces that has at least one or two funny or embarrassing stories related to their experience with braces. We found a few that made us laugh, and we thought we’d share.
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1. Dope on a Rope
Every week I go indoor rock climbing with my brother. On this particular day I was lead climbing the overhang. Lead climbing means climbing up a wall that has no rope on it, instead you have rope attached to you and every couple of meters there is a clip to put your rope in to prevent you falling. In order to get the rope up you have to pull it from the ground with one hand and clip it in.
I was about 13 meters or so into an overhang climb, my arms already tired and cramping. I’m pushing myself to get to the next clip. Now a frequently-used technique to pull the rope up is pull a meter, hold it in your teeth and then pull another meter and clip...can you see where this is going?
As I tried to release the rope from my teeth, it wouldn’t let go. It had snagged good and proper on my upper brace. At first I was like,“No problem, I’ll just unsnag it.” But it wouldn’t come off, I couldn’t climb any further or fall off the wall as the rope would pull tight and rip the brace from my mouth.
After an agonizing 3 minutes of hanging inverted on one arm, it finally, FINALLY released itself.
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2. Black Olives
A couple of days ago, I had just gotten finished eating a few black olives when someone knocked on my door. It was the guy who cuts the grass and wanted to ask a few questions. We had been talking for three or four minutes when I thought - OMG, I bet I have black olives all in my braces! I was so paranoid. As soon as he left, I raced to the mirror, and thankfully, it wasn't too bad. Next time I'll swish real quick before answering the door!
SOURCE: http://www.archwired.com/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=35716
3. Slow Mo
When I had the rubber bands on the sides, I was playing with them in class and I accidentally flicked one. It came inches from the teacher, hit the filing cabinet, and slid down in slow motion.
SOURCE: https://ca.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080613193802AAcRdHN
4. The Day I Accidentally Almost Got Braces
I took my daughter to get her braces this week.
[These awkward/embarrassing stories always start out so normally, don’t they?]
The appointment lasted for over an hour, and while I waited in the waiting room, I occasionally saw the nurse come and ask other moms if they would like to come back to see what was being done to their child.
So, when a nurse appeared almost an hour into the appointment, looked at me, and said, “Are you ready?” naturally I thought she meant “Are you ready for me to show you to your daughter?”. So I said I was ready and followed her back.
[Oh, Hindsight. How you mock me!]
Only she didn’t show me to my daughter at all. She showed me to an empty chair. And she said, “Have a seat. The doctor will be right here to get started on your braces.”
[See, this is the awkward part.]
And you know those moments when you find yourself at a crossroads? When you have to make a decision about which way to play a misstep? Like when someone you don’t recognize approaches you and starts chatting it up, and you must decide in that split second to either A) pretend you remember them, or B) come clean and ask them to remind you who in the world they are.
So, I’m standing there thinking, “Well… actually my teeth have been shifting…”
But being the honest person I am, I shifted my weight a couple of times and stammered out that I wasn’t a patient, and I had only followed her because I thought she was taking me to my daughter.
That’s when I got the “now I have to walk all the way back to the waiting room” icy stare from the annoyed nurse, and I had to do the walk of shame back to my seat.
And that concludes the story of I almost accidentally got braces.
SOURCE: http://www.smockityfrocks.com/2013/11/the-day-i-almost-accidentally-got-braces.html
5. And last but not least, smiling becomes an art.