Cost of Braces and Payment Options

Simply Orthodontics maintains competitive pricing within the Edmonton region, while continuing to deliver personalized patient care. Braces prices will vary depending upon each person's needs.

Payment Flexibility

Flexible payment options are available, including 0% interest payment plans throughout treatment, as well as Extended Financing options. Extended Financing plans offer the lowest monthly payments, with payments available under $160 per month, and $0 down. Schedule your consultation to learn more.

Direct Billing of Insurance

By working directly with your insurance company, we can reduce your personal monthly fees significantly, typically by as much as 50%. Direct billing also eliminates the need for you to submit your claims to the insurance company, as their portion is managed entirely by our team.

Early Orthodontics

Flexibility and Affordability for your new Smile!

Flexibility and Affordability for your new Smile!

Early treatment, which may be recommended for young and growing patients, costs from $1,500. This early treatment reduces the severity of developing problems and the complexity of future orthodontic treatment.

Full Orthodontics

Full treatment is typically recommended for teens and adults. The price depends on many factors, the two primary factors being case complexity and your personal preferences. Your choice of braces type will affect cost: Metal braces are the least costly, Lingual braces (behind the teeth) are the most expensive with Clear Braces and Invisalign falling between. 

The cost of both Early and Full treatment depends on case complexity, and will be determined on an individual basis.

Avoid Surprises, with All-Inclusive Treatment Fees

Simply Orthodontics’ All-Inclusive pricing includes everything that you need to start and complete your treatment, including:

  • Diagnostic Records and Professional Treatment Planning;

  • All regular in-office adjustments, and treatment to achieve our planned orthodontic treatment goals;

  • Initial retainers as prescribed by Dr. Duncan to maintain your new smile after treatment;

  • Post-treatment follow up in our office to monitor your retainers.

When comparing prices between offices, ensure you are comparing apples-to-apples and that you won’t be surprised by hidden costs later.

What other considerations beyond price?

Competitive price is a priority for our patients, and one of many important factors to consider when choosing your treatment provider. When shopping around, also consider the following:

Dedicated Expert in Moving Teeth


Seek care with an Orthodontist, a professional licensed by the Alberta Dental Association, with 2-3 years of additional Orthodontic training, dedicated solely to Orthodontics. Ensure your care is planned and seen to completion by your dedicated Orthodontist through the full course of treatment.

Level of Treatment Offered

Early treatment and limited treatment are treatment options designed to address very specific goals, rather than provide full correction -- this will usually be less expensive than full corrective treatment.  It is important to understand the Doctor's treatment goals and ensure they align with your smile goals. 

Braces Type and Treatment Speed

Invisalign® requires custom aligners, and Lingual braces require custom brackets; when comparing costs, ensure you are comparing similar braces systems. One additional option is the accelerated treatment using AcceleDent Aura, offering your smile sooner and with greater comfort. These factors would also influence the cost of care.  Visit Types of Braces for more information about available options.


As with all important decisions, there are many considerations beyond those above -- we understand how difficult it can be to compare one professional's services to another. At Simply Orthodontics you will find a team of dedicated professionals, skilled in assessing patient needs, factoring in wants and dreams, and delivering wonderful results.

The cost of braces for your situation will become clear after a consultation with Dr. Duncan and our team. The consultation process is comprehensive, providing you with a complete understanding of your treatment options, associated fees and available financing. Schedule your appointment to start working towards your smile goals.

Orthodontic treatment is an investment in overall well-being, expect a significant and positive impact throughout life.  The longevity of your smile is a beautiful thing – let us bring your smile to life! 

Your smile is worth a visit to a specialist

Simply Orthodontics is an orthodontic specialty practice - Orthodontic treatment, and all that it encompasses, is all that we do.  We offer a full range of orthodontic treatment and braces options, which can be tailored for each patient’s unique needs.  Being specialists, we are not limited to only offering certain treatment options, such as Invisalign®.  Instead we will provide you with a comprehensive view of your options and offer our expert opinion to help guide you to the most appropriate options for you.